About T8 High Bays

T8 High Bays are one of the most energy efficient, budget friendly lighting choices for any commercial lighting space. T8 Fluorescent High Bay Lighting is an excellent way to illuminate large spaces with mid to high-ceilings. T8 High Bays are designed to provide bright light which makes them ideal for warehouses, machine shops, gymnasiums, and other high-ceiling applications. Open areas with at least 12 feet of space between the floor and the bottom of the fixture, make T8 High Bays the ideal choice in fixtures. When you properly illuminate your workspace, productivity will increase as well as safety.

Light Output

T8 high bay lighting gives you a lot of flexibility in choosing the right fixture for your lighting project. T8 High Bays utilize T8 fluorescent tubes which allows you to make the choice in color temperature for your fixture unlike traditional HID high bays. They also give you the opportunity to covert them over to LED at a later date with LED T8 tubes. T8 Fluorescent High Bays are a great choice for lighting a large space with mid- to high-ceilings that do not require a high level of light. If you need a high bay that has a high Lumen output, then we would suggest either our T5HO High Bays or LED High Bays for these applications. If your looking to illuminate an outdoor application or extreme enviroment application with a T8 high bay fixture then check out our T8 Vapor Tight High Bays. Whether you have a new construction application or are replacing existing lighting, we can help with a design layout to meet your lighting requirements. These fixtures come with a 5 year warranty that will help cut out replacement material costs like traditional high bays require. If you have any questions contact one of our customer service representatives today, or order your T8 High Bays from Stars and Stripes Lighting today.