About LED High Bays

LED High Bays are a great choice for illuminating applications such as warehouses, manufacturing, industrial work spaces, big box retail stores, and gymnasiums. Since the lighting in these spaces generally needs to cover a lot of vertical space as well as horizontal therefore needing a fixture that can produce a very bright Lumen output. 

LED High Bays vs HID High Bays vs Fluorescent High Bays

LED is the most energy-eficient option on the market today. LED High Bays are a terrific choice to save energy but there other benefactors that come with them as well. Including improved visibility, worker safety and enhanced productivity. LED lighting fixtures are instant-on with no delay like traditional HID high bays. With the longer lifespan of LEDs, this will cut down on maintenance and replacement material costs as well.

Light Output

The great thing about LED High Bays is that you will not lose any illumination by replacing traditional HID high bays, T8 High Bays or T5HO High Bays. For example, you switch out a traditional 1000 Watt HID High Bay with a 325 Watt LED High Bay which cuts your energy consumption over 50% and gives you the same amount of illumination.


Stars and Stripes Lighting has a large selection of LED High Bay lighting. We have Linear LED High Bays from Falkor Lighting. If your looking for the round traditional look, we have a selection of Round LED High Bays from brands such as Texas Fluorescents, Cree and Litetronics. Our selection of LED High Bays will enable you to choose the proper wattage and color temperature for your space. We also offer a wide variety of high bay accessories for your LED high bay lighting project, including occupancy sensors, power cords, hangers and wire-guards. If you need help or just a have a question feel free to contact one of our customer service representatives, or order your LED High Bays from Stars and Stripes Lighting today.